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About Herbalista

Since 2013, Herbalista has provided free community health services and herbal education, empowering folks to care for themselves, support their neighbors and to steward the land around them.

What started as the Herb Bus (a free mobile clinic in Atlanta, Georgia) grew to include the Atlanta Herb Cart and the Dublin Herb Bike and several other community-based projects.

Herbalista Experience

The Free School courses are based directly on our practice. In fact, the info, resources and tools we provide in the course are the very ones we use at Herbalista.

The recipes are developed and used in our clinics; the medicine-making worksheets are designed to help us craft high quality and potent remedies; and the forms are used to manage and run our community projects.

From HerbCare Stations to First Aid Stations; Community Health Fairs to Community Gardens; Fire Cider Brigades to Foot Clinics-- there are so many ways to share herbs with other and we can't wait to explore them all with you!



Community Clinics +

Mobile Medicine

Plant Botany +

Herban Foraging

Herbal Explorations +

Plant Wizardry

Herbal Arts + Formulation

Community Medicine Making

Sharing is Caring

Herbalista welcomes students, volunteers, partners, patients, clients, guests, and friends of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, economic strata, ability, sexuality, and gender-orientation to join us! We believe in diversity, not discrimination!
We believe that true healthCARE is based on a foundation of mutual respect and mutual aid– Solidarity not Charity!


Does this course come with a certification?

  • "Herbal Certification" does not exist in the United States at either a federal or state level of qualification. Since there is no set standard for certification, anyone can simply print out a certificate and insta-presto, you are a "certified" herbalist.
  • Here at Herbalista, we feel that a certificate should stand for something and since this course doesn't have graded assignments or offer personalized feedback, we feel it wouldn't be right to award certificates.
  • If there comes a time where we begin to assess your work and provide feedback, we will happily then provide a certificate.
  • But in the meantime, there ain't no reason why you can't make one yourself to acknowledge your hard work! After you finish the course, please feel free to craft yourself a Certificate of Participation! We've all got to pat ourselves on the back from time to time. We've a little section at the end of each course to help you make one, reminding you of the areas covered in the course.

How is it free?

  • The Herbalista Free School is supported by our sustaining members who pay small monthly donations that help to maintain all of our programming.
  • If you would like to support the work and ensure that the Free School continues, please consider joining our sustaining members program or making a one time donation.

Is there closed captioning for the videos?

  • Unfortunately, Teachable does not offer automatic closed captioning at this time. We do understand how important this is in terms of accessibility and please know that we are working to make this possible.
  • When closed captioning becomes available for our courses we will announce it!
  • In the meantime, please know that all of these courses were built from our 2022 Teachable Class series and that these Zoom Class Recordings DO have closed captioning. They are all available in the Herbalista Toolkit (available to sustaining members).